Our Mission

The sport of Taekwondo belongs to everyone not just a select few. USCT endeavors to be maximally inclusive, especially supportive of women in sport and open and transparent to the community in pursuit of NCAA recognition of Taekwondo. It is our goal to support the growth of Taekwondo sport and culture through the creation of an avenue for athletes to continue their training through high school and college. In doing so, we will ensure that individual schools, universities and leagues are supported and given the resources needed to grow their programs to the benefit of all.


Athlete; Coach; Referee; School; Official; League representative… Each member of the Taekwondo community has a place in USCT. We are actively seeking individuals who are motivated and who desire to assist in making a fundamental change in Taekwondo in the USA. Contact us to see how you can get involved, where your skills are needed, and how you can make a difference not just for today’s athletes but for those young people for generations to come who will find new opportunity and success at school and in life because of your support today!


The USCT is comprised of Master and Grand Master Instructors as well as athletes and members of the community who have come together to benefit the sport as a whole and to spread opportunities for students of all ages to follow the path of good citizenship, ethics, and support of community, and continued improvement of one’s self. See our “Leadership” page for info about our Board of Directors and Advisory Board members.


The art and sport we all know and love, expanded into college and high school programs to help make the lifelong journey possible for more people.

Our Vision

We envision a community where no one group or individual holds sway over any aspect of collegiate Taekwondo. A community where each league, university, referee, official, athlete, and coach has a say in how collegiate taekwondo is grown and administered in the USA. A community that supports diversity in sport, growth of women’s athletics and opportunity equality with men’s teams at universities across the nation.

Bringing Taekwondo to every home

Our Leaders

A diverse group of professionals from a broad array of disciplines who join in their passion for and drive to better the sport of Taekwondo in the United States. Leadership positions are now open for applications and nominations. If you feel you have the time and energy to dedicate to improving our sport for generations to come fill out an application and let us hear from you! OR if you know someone who would be an asset to the Taekwondo community nominate them and we will do the rest!


Greg Bew

President, Founder
Coach, Army West Point
US Army Officer

Jiho Choi

Jiho Choi

President, PATU
Grand Master


Marc Grenier

Founder, Pilsung Martial Arts
Virginia State Coach
Former VA AAU Chair and Tournament Director


Phil Herring

CEO, Founder
Chief Operating Officer WCMA : DC Metro US Olympic Training Center Project / Coach

Master Lee

Charlie Lee Sparks

Founder, Master Instructor
CEO WCMA Management


Nick Messersmith

Director of Membership, Founder
University of Iowa, Coach


Sherman Nelson, Jr.

Director of Media Engagement, Founder
Coach, USAT


SirGregory Salonis

Owner, Storm Martial Arts
International Athlete Coach
CO High School TKD Catalyst

Want to join our effort?

United States Collegiate Taekwondo is focused on making our organization as representative as possible. We want to include everyone that wants to participate and help advance Taekwondo into a mainstream sport. Contact us and we will be happy to get in touch and plan a way forward, together.

Advisory Board