Everyone who believes they will medal at Nationals this year has this spirit... Its not TKD but it translates... When you feel like quitting - WATCH THIS! ...

Keep going!

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Challenge from Texas! ...

High school team TEXAS is READY ! We dare you at the national's !

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People asking about tricking: Here is a great motivational video about the sport / style. Let us know if you want more info! ...

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Good explanation of new scoring! ...

✅2017 Scoring Rules 1️⃣Point: Punch to the Trunk 2️⃣Points: Kick to the Trunk 3️⃣Points: Turning Kick on the Trunk 3️⃣Points: Kick on the Head 4️⃣Points: Turning Kick on the Head

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The next introduction call for the High School Taekwondo (USHT) program will be on Saturday, January 14th at 10 PM Eastern. Sign up for the dial in information here and look for a message from us to start the new year (it might go to junk so check).
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    High School Calls

    Twice monthly seminars on how to start a high school program

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    Rules Seminars

    Seminars at your location to go over rules and eligibility considerations for players and coaches. Scrimage of the team rules for familiarization.

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    NCAA Convention - January 2017

    Meet and discuss TKD as a NCAA sport with schools from across the country.

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    High School State Championships

    Spring of 2017 first USHT state championships

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    High School Team Nationals - July 2017

    First High School Team TKD Nationals in Detroit, MI with USAT Nationals