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The Advisory Board of USCT will be responsible for reviewing and recommending the rules, standards, and practices that USCT will use to establish and present the TKD application to the NCAA.
The Advisory Board is meant to be a representative group, composed of players, coaches, referees, athlete welfare, and league representatives.
The goal, create a group the represents all walks of Taekwondo, from across the country. Inclusion is key.
We are looking for players, coaches, and referrees from aruond the country to be part of the gruop. We can't take everyone, so we would like people to either apply, or recommend someone they know would be great. Then we will get in contact with them and build the board. We are looking at an initial fielding of three seats per specialty.
Now! Apply or nominate someone below so we can continue to diversify USCT to represent as many Taekwondo practitioners as possible.

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