1 January Status Update


Happy new year to everyone!
It has been a bit longer than anticipated since my last update. This has been due to a number of issues including my prolonged illness; catching up on my duties at my job, and the typical end of the year difficulty in making substantial contacts with those on holiday. However, please be assured that we continue to make substantial progress toward NCAA recognition.
It continues to be our goal to be maximally open to all those looking to better Taekwondo as a sport in the USA. This is without regard to old politics or allegiance to any particular group other than the coaches, athletes, referees and officials who make our sport possible! Any other approach would not be acceptable and would not be in the best interests of the sport.


I am happy to report to you that we have completed the following tasks and succeeded in accomplishing several goals as Follow:
The NCAA DRAFT application is nearly complete. It is a 200 page book that covers every aspect of the sport and how the sport relates to the goals and objectives of the NCAA.
The USCT website is under construction and will be published and accessible to all in the very near future (10 days to 2 weeks).
We are far enough along that we are pleased to announce that USCT is open to Advisory Board nominations from the greater taekwondo community. (There will be a process for nominations on the website in the community forum but in the meantime nominations may be sent to either me or Master Greg Bew of WestPoint) Position open are Coach Representative (2), Referee representative (2), Player Rep (2), and Judicial Committee members (2). Please note that all applicants / nominees who accept the nomination are subject to a background check.
The purpose of these board nominations will include review of the draft application prior to publication and long term guidance of the organization and support of its mission.
We have met with both Grand Master Ji Ho Choi President of PATU and twice with Dr. Choue, President of WTF. Grand Master Choi has also joined our Board and has been a key influencer in the direction the application has taken and continues to mentor our group regarding TKD administration and function in a global environment. We are very pleased with the significant enthusiasm they have both shown and are grateful for their support of our efforts.

Support Activities:

We understand that a successful collegiate program will be based upon a successful supportive high school feeder program. We have started working with school districts in 5 states with a goal of having TKD recognized as a letter sport.

This will have two immediately positive benefits to our sport. 1. More students will stay in Taekwondo rather than leave for other sports in high school which offer a letter and way to connect with the high school community and atmosphere. 2. More students staying in Taekwondo means more students will stay in local TKD school programs, benefitting local schools, and students will begin to see a direct path for them from where they are now to high school then on to college.

We believe that this activity will be key to the continued development of Taekwondo in the USA and support the Collegiate Taekwondo leagues operating in the US now.